About Us

Michelle and her trusted Husky companion know the most important thing is Utmost Care for Your Beloved Dog.

Michelle Lenihan

Caring for Dogs for Nearly 20 Years

Michelle is a Dog Handler in the San Francisco East Bay since 2003. She attended the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, supporting dogs owners in their endeavor to provide utmost care for their dog, with Dog Training Support, Overnight Dog Care and providing them off-leash enrichment outings for many years.

When you’re called away to commitments, I am dedicated to provide inclusive care service for your dog, with Dog Care designed to assist you instill inclusionary behavior skills for your dog with Puppy and Dog Training Care, Redirecting fear-based reactivity behaviors, overnight Dog Sitting, as well as provide your dog Off-leash Enrichment outings so s/he too can relish immersion in the wonderment of Nature and the inherent richness of Belonging in Kinship with fellow dogs.

-Michelle Lenihan

Animal Karma